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Recruitment solutions


     In today‚Äôs fast changing & competitive world, where every industry is unique by their products and by their services, putting the right people in right position has become extremely critical to an organization.

    Recruitment, selection& placement are important tools for procuring and effectively using human resources in an organization. While recruitment involves employing suitable trained workforce, selection helps in choosing the right candidate for the job and placement is putting the man on the right job.

So we are here to share your burden.



                    We have a wide network of top level professionals and we know where to find the exact candidate. Experts believes that almost 40-45% of the workforce in the industry comprises passive jobseekers these are the people with high level of expertise in their field, it is generally belived that they are the cream of industry and they are not actively searching for the job.They are happy in their present position and organization , however they are proactively thinking about their career and are not opposed to a change if the opportunity do arise.

We have  speciality is to reach out to these passive job seekers through a reference or mutual contact and get a positive response. We often play the role of a career guide or consultant to convince these people.




                              Properly trained and highly skilled human resource is perceived as the greatest asset of an organization. Trained personnel contribute to efficency, growth, increased productivity & market reputation of an organization. In organizational development training and development deals with the design and learning  to improve performance, skills or knowledge with in organization.

        We work on this basic objective of training. Training should make the personnel skilled enough to do the job on hand efficiently leading to targeted productive levels.

We do workshops on

1.         Personality development

2.         Time management

3.         Stress management

4.         Anger management

5.         Self enhancement




In recent years psychological testing has become popular, primarily because recent research has indicated that properly used psychological tests are excellent in producing future employee performance.

Psychological test is a standardized procedure    to measure qualitatively or quantitatively one or more then one aspect of trait by means of verbal or non verbal behaviour .



                               Tests are useful selection devices in that they uncovered qualifications and talents that can be used to predict how well one would perform if one is hired. These tests also provide unbiased information that can be put to scientific and statistical analysis.

Selection tests may be classified as


1.         Aptitude test

2.         Achievement test

3.         Personality test

4.         Interest test


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